Saturday, January 8, 2011

Still struggling with fat intake

So, my total daily caloric intake averages at 1900. That's with getting in my 30 gm of fiber from my 135 gm limit of carbohydrates, 90 gm of protein (and its actually more like 100 gm), and the rest is from healthy fat sources. That puts at least 50% of my caloric intake coming from fats. Doesn't that seem rather high? I've ready that my dietary intake of fats should be somewhere between 10% and 25% of my total calories.

I've got to get a bit more strict with my protein sources. I do like whole eggs for breakfast, but I need to pull that back to a single whole egg plus whites. And I need to give up the beef and lamb for a little while, just to see what that will do for me. I don't like overdoing the poultry because it's really difficult to find true free-range, grass-fed chicken and turkey that isn't fed soy grain. I gave up the Quorn products because I didn't want to eat prepackaged food, and it's so bland! I love the fish; wild caught salmon and sardines are what I eat at least three times a week. I was getting some very low fat proteins from beans, but I wasn't losing weight when I was eating that. Too many carbs.

This morning, Saturday, I just wanted eggs on toast. So that's what I had, a cup of braised baby kale and two poached eggs on a slice of La Brea rosemary and olive oil sourdough bread. And a little olive oil on top of that. And a little half and half in my coffee. 608 calories. 45% calories from fat! It didn't seem like a lot of food to me. I'm satiated, not stuffed. I supposed I could have cut the cream in my coffee, and the olive oil over the eggs and kale. And maybe just eaten one egg. But then I'll want to eat again in a couple hours, and I can't deal with that. The minute I head into the kitchen, I'm in danger of overeating.

I did get a third of my fiber in at breakfast. That braised kale was awesome!

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