Thursday, January 6, 2011

30 grams of fiber

I've been trying to cut back on calories somewhat. The scale is still not budging. 320 this morning. And yesterday. Last week too. Briefly dropped to 316, but I guess I celebrated too much over that. I was really shooting to break 300 by my birthday next month. I'm reevaluating that goal.

I noticed that my body doesn't like to let go of waste product if I haven't had enough fiber. Since my source of carbs has changed drastically, my body will not release anything until I've ingested the magic number of 30 gm of fiber. It took me a few weeks to figure this out, but today, while tracking my numbers, I finally saw the trend.

Last night, after another day with greens and sardines, I had a fiber craving. In front of me, leftover tortilla chips from New Year's Day festivities. They're the Archer Farms blue corn with flax tortillas. Yummy! Later I had a whole avocado! Along with everything else I ate earlier, I reached the magic 30 gms. I weighed myself after "processing", 318 lbs.

The RDA for fiber is 14 gm for every 1000 calories eaten. That's just over half an ounce per 1000 calories. Wow!

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