Saturday, January 22, 2011

Going through my dresser drawers

Can I throw out all the clothes that are just a little too big for me yet? Some are just t-shirts, stretched out, with stains on them that won't come out...those are definitely going out. And the panties, the big granny ones that I bought once, when I weighed the most, but only wore a few times. I kept them because I was afraid I'd have to use them again. But I'm not! So it's time to toss them!

My room is so clean now, dust free and almost entirely organized. Feels good. Maybe I'll concentrate on the things I need to file next, after the closet's clean. Or maybe not. That feels like my favorite thing on which to procrastinate!

When I was getting divorced, I had so much paperwork sent to me from my lawyer! It's sorted, sort of, but not properly filed. Not much left to take action on. In fact, the lawyer called me to tell me everything is done and I'm getting money back from the escrow account. Like around $1000! I wonder what I should apply it to. Savings I guess. I'm not in debt any more (yipee!), except to the IRS. Yes, they'll know what to do with it!

Hmmm, I just found a few pieces of sexy underwear in the back of a bottom drawer. The kind that makes me feel awkward and itchy, I'm tossing that too! I never, ever want to wear "sexy underwear" that makes me feel like that for anyone, ever again. There are so many other things to wear that make me feel sexy, when I want to feel sexy. For myself.

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