Saturday, January 22, 2011

The 10-week challenge

In my Pilates class, Lori The Wonder Trainer announced the start of the 10-week challenge. We'll be getting extra fitness and nutritional tips from her for a 50-day block, plus we're being challenged to workout five times a week for 10 weeks (but they don't have to all be in Pilates class). The challenge starts right after Valentines Day, since there will be celebratory indulgences in the form of candy, champagne, romantic dinners with lots of extra butter and cream. We're all going to be measured at the start. Others groaned when they heard that part. Not me. I'm so up for this challenge! Never did one before, and I'm ready for a switch up of my routing. I'm looking forward to seeing my results at the end of the challenge.

I've just dropped my caloric intake to 1662 calories...on paper, that is. Wow, it's so tough for me to drop down that far! I get pretty close to the 135 gm of carbs (almost always under 150 gm), tried to limit the protein to under 100 gm, but then I'd always fail on fat intake. And it doesn't seem to take much to go over on fat intake for me, even with very healthy fat choices from olive oil, raw almonds, avocados and fish. Oh, and the cheese...somehow, I gotta have cheese every day! Mostly feta from sheep and goat milk, but cheese nonetheless. And the occasional well-marbled steak or lamb chop. Grass fed, mind you. Nothing but the healthiest indulgences for my body!

I think I need to change my nutrition, increasing my protein to 115 gm. Because I still get so hungry, and that's when I make poor choices, just before going to bed. Like last night, I had a double portion of whole wheat penne rigate with organic vodka sauce and Parmesan cheese. That was over 100 gm of carbs right there! I was 600 calories over my limit.

I'm going to need the extra protein with the added workouts. I'm keeping my Pilates to three times a week. Wish I could do more, but I can't afford the classes right now. I was feeling really great with five classes a week. But cardio is what I need to add, to burn some fat, lighten up and make those Pilates classes even more effective.

I'm not waiting for the challenge to start. I can measure myself now and turn this into a 14-week personal challenge. Not going to weigh in until the end, but I did sneak a peek at the scale and then put it away. 317 lbs. It would be so cool to be under 300 by the end of this challenge! I could throw out so many clothes!

This weekend I'm moving furniture and starting some spring cleaning. I know it's early, but I do have a free weekend for this. The gym is moving from the garage to a studio behind my house. I'll be working hard all weekend. I wonder how many calories that'll burn.

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