The Current Program

As of 2/28/2012, latest changes to the fitness routine and eating plan

Mat Pilates - Five days a week (two classes in a row on Fridays)
Cardio - Twice a week at the Pilates studio, plus the rowing machine for 20 minutes after each meal
Weight training split routine - 45 minutes, six days a week, alternating upper and lower body

As of 2/28/2012, this is my eating routine:

Intermittent fasting
  • Small breakfast of protein and fat; lunch and dinner of protein, fat and high fiber non-starchy vegetables
  • Two 24-hour fasts/week
  • Caloric intake averaging 1100 calories a day
Paleolithic diet
  • Organic/grass-fed/wild-caught lean protein sources
  • Organic fruits and non-starchy vegetables
  • Seeds. nuts and healthy fats
  • Restrictions and exclusions: No dairy, no grains, no legumes, no processed food, no added sugars (one exception - very dark chocolate). Alcohol limited to "high holy days".
  • Nutrient mix - Up to 90 gm protein, less than 15 gm net carbs/meal, 2300 mg sodium

(Stepping up the plan to manage the diabetes better.)


8/2006    Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes - started to cut carbs and started walking on treadmill to control blood sugar levels.
1/2008    Highest recorded weight at 353 lbs. Went to Green Mountain Spa for three weeks to get started on a diet/fitness program with support.
3/2008    320 lbs. Start of plateau (bouncing between 320 and 308). A1c numbers down, from 6.9 to 6.1.
12/2008  Second trip to Green Mountain Spa. 308 lbs.
2/2009    Separated from husband. Move back to U.S.
8/2009    Discovered sensitivity to soy. Diagnosed with high blood pressure. Put on medication.
10/2009  Started back on EBT to learn to manage stress and find joy in my life
2/2010    Divorce final.
3/2010    Started Pilates
6/2010    Took myself off blood pressure meds. Weight popped back up to 332 lbs.
2/2011    Dad passes away. 50th birthday.
4/2011    My dog is killed in traffic. Learned about intermittent fasting and Paleolithic diet. Plateau officially broken! 300 lbs.
6/2011    Weigh less than 300 lbs., first time in 20 years.
11/2011  Broke up with all the toxic people in my life. Found freedom and joy!
2/2012    Participated in my first Venus Index training competition.