Monday, August 18, 2008

What the ...?

It's just been five days since I last posted an entry, and I've surprisingly dropped down to 314 lbs! That's an all time low since I began my journey here. I wish I could say it was because I kept to my new limits of 60 gms. of carbohydrates a day and 60 gms. of fat. I wish it was because I actually increased how much cardio I was doing on a daily basis.

The only thing I've changed is that I started taking a pill for my blood pressure, and I started taking capsules of Ceylon cinnamon bark after each meal and a daily vitamin pack for diabetes that includes chromium picolinate. I did drop carb intake down to 100 gms. for most days, but the last couple of days, I've had some serious carb cravings and yesterday, I totally strayed off course while we were out shopping for school supplies and new clothes. I at just over 2100 calories, went over on sodium by 35%, and took in nearly 200 gms. of carbs. And then lost an additional 2.5 lbs. since yesterday. We did walk a lot all over town and went miniature golfing after everything, but I wasn't tired at all by the end of the day so I didn't expect to have burned off that much. In fact, I totally expected to have gained weight this morning.

Today I'm heading back to the supermarket to load up on fiberous vegetables. I'm not going to lose the ground I've gained here!

Pardon me while I head for the elliptical cross trainer again this morning...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I know it's been over a month since I wrote last, but it is the summer, after all. We're not supposed to be online so much. We're supposed to be out enjoying the summer months.

Whatever! It's been smokey here in Northern California and I haven't been able to go out much. And when I have, it's been for not very fun things, like running errands and going for medical appointments or shopping for school supplies.

And speaking of medical appointments, I'm now being tested for PCOS. It may explain why the weight loss has come to yet another standstill. I've not been able to get past 317 lbs. for weeks and weeks now. I'm changing up my diet in order to deal with this. Even less carbs (down to 60 gms.), and really make sure they're all low on the glycemic index, really limit the saturated fats and increase the Omega 3 types of fats. And I need to increase how much cardio I'm doing.

I spoke with Beth the fitness coach on Monday. We talked about caving to cravings, and how important it is for me to keep a tight rein on my indulgences now, and how I'll be able to loosen things up the closer I get to goal weight. It's all perspective, I guess. If I can plan for indulgences wisely, space them out a bit farther for now, then I may keep my forward progress on a more consistent basis. The reward will be breaking this insulin resistance, resolving the diabetes threat, and getting off of blood pressure medication altogether.

I'm up to 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer now, but it really hurts my knees. I'm having to back off on that, doing just 5 minutes at a time over several times a day. If I do 5 minutes every hour over 12 hours, that's 60 minutes a day on that thing! I'm going to attempt that this week and see how strong my quads can get working out like that.

I also went to my orthopedist yesterday, who gave me a shot of cortizon in my right shoulder. I have really strained the rotator cuff, so I'm off of most upper body exercises that involve arms for now. I'm using 2 lbs. weights on rotator cuff exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff for now and will be going to a physical therapist very soon for further work. I've also got to take 2 Advil twice a day to help with the inflamation. Once I get the all-clear, I can get back to my regular upper body and core exercises that involve my arms, probably in a couple of months.

I'm feeling confident that I'll be moving forward with weight loss again in a short period of time. I have to feel confident, because backsliding is OUT OF THE QUESTION!!! I am on a path towards optimum health and wellness, and I'm in command of how good I can feel, inside and out.