Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The holidays are officially over...back to veggies!

Today was my first day back to Pilates after the holidays. Oh my gosh! I feel so much better now! I feel awake and healthy, centered and strong. I feel like lifting weights and walking outside. I feel like getting things done!

I need to clean out the fridge. Too many inedible leftovers crowding out space for the veggies. I'm about to make myself some dandelion greens for lunch. And some grilled salmon. I'm hungry!

I'm still on my greens obsession. I found some watercress at the market the other day and I'm not sure what to do with it. Found a recipe for cream of watercress soup. Sounds like what I might be having for dinner. Wish I could have some buttery biscuits to go with it, but instead I'll have some roasted butternut squash.

I've noticed an odd thing lately, if I make sure to include fish at least twice a week in my diet, the weight comes off more easily. So I loaded up on sardines in olive oil, tongol and wild salmon. I also lose more when I eat some avocado. And I don't lose when I cut way back on the fats.

Getting my dairy from full-fat Greek yogurt these days. Just a cup as an afternoon snack, with toasted chopped almonds and a little agave nectar.

Have you heard of this new HCG diet thingy? Take the pills, eat 500 calories and never feel hungry. Sounds like someone's going to make some money! I'm staying away from that one!

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