Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First she slapped me around some. Then she set me straight.

Just back from Pilates. I feel all blissful right now, but I'm telling you! After that second plank/downward dog/Pilates push-up series, I wanted to cry! And then she beat me up some more with the bridges! And then, right when I was so enjoying the simple little overhead arm stretches, she said something like, "Is anybody feeling more work in this movement than anything else we've done so far?" And I thought, "Damn, these were feeling pretty easy...I must be doing them wrong!"

I have been watching Heavy on A&E this last week. I'm in the same size range as these people. I've been watching them work out really hard, for hours, in order to lose an average of 100 lbs in six months. I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't jealous of their progress. Me, in the going-on-three-year plateau. I watched them do some hill climbing and some modified push-ups and they're crying and I'm judging...until today. I almost cried in Pilates today.

But then later, I had Lori the Wonder Trainer poke me in the abs and squeeze my bicep. She said they're definitely there, the rock hard muscles. So it's not just my imagination. I have earned those muscles (thank you Ms. Lori!) and in time, they will be revealed. She said going back to Pilates five times a week, along with the good food choices, and I'll be sporting these abs publicly. Okay, may I have more, please?

I'm still going to do time on the treadmill. An hour a day. My knees are okay on it, and I can walk and walk and walk...without crying.

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