Monday, January 10, 2011

Bra shopping

Lane Bryant is having a huge sale on their bras right now, buy 2, get 2 free. I dropped by the store because I needed new panties. (My lovely little pup finds them irresistible!) I ended up dropping a chunk o' change on five panties, four bras and three tops.

I have been trying to resist the urge to buy new clothes. I'm still not past a size 26, on the bottom and through my waist, back and upper arms. However, the girls, sadly, seem to be the only thing shrinking on me! I went from a size 44 B (four years ago), that required a single back extender to a 40 B with two or three back extenders. Finally, my breasts have found the right sized home, with almost no gaping at the top of the cups.

Well, I can't really say my lower body hasn't shrunk. The size 26/28 pants were just a little too loose, but not loose enough to drop to the next size. All my lower body shrinkage is due to Pilates. The seats of all my pants are sagging, and there's extra roominess through the backs of the thighs. Things feel looser through my upper torso and my long sleeved shirts are also less clingy from the elbows down. Upper arms, while not shrinking, are actually hanging lower because they're less filled in with fat. And my boys can really feel my biceps and triceps when I flex.

I have one pair of navy slacks I'm very keen to get into. They're cut beautifully and look so awesome with a patterned trench coat and crisp white cotton shirt I bought last winter. I really wanted to wear it this winter. I'm hoping by my 50th birthday next month, I can get into them and stylishly do a little gallery hopping and celebratory drinking with my friend in Sacramento. I have the perfect plunging white bra to wear with that shirt!

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