Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The blogging seems self-indulgent, but fun...as it should!

Oh dear, today I woke up writing. To a friend and fellow writer, to myself, and now here. The heavy cloud cover and endless string of days without sun have fueled my desire to curl up in front of the fire and get crackin' with the scribbling. Too bad my new desktop doesn't reach that far!

I bought it for my new web design business. Have published one site, have just signed on another contract and have four new clients in the pipeline...still taking classes to learn new skills. It's not fair, going into a new career that seems to constantly add new skill requirements. I mean, it's cool to learn new things because it'll only add to my value and skill set, but I can't afford to rest on my laurels for a minute!

And that also applies to the weight loss game. I'm finding that my body won't let me coast into optimum health. I have to work at it every day. I have to mix it up every day. I can't rely on salad and chicken breasts, 10 glasses of water and an hour's walk to be effective in the long term. I have to go to Pilates three times a week or I'll lose ground with my mobility and I'll be cranky. I can't skip exercise for two days in a row. I can't have extra helpings of pasta or pizza because my body will just hang on to the extra weight even if my total calories are under 2000. I have to get in my eight hours of sleep or I won't lose an ounce, no matter how hard I worked the day before.

*sigh* Accept and move on...stop pouting...that never worked anyway...I must make wise and effective choices in my self-indulgence as well...writing - good, cocooning with cheese - not good.

I'm seriously considering moving my treadmill into my home office. I have a tendency to focus entirely on the writing and web design work for hours and forget to get up and move my body. At the moment, the treadmill is in the garage. It would take some real muscle, but if I can move that thing into my office, I could conveniently break up the hours of sitting. Also, switch out the chair with the Fitball. And start wearing the GoWearFit armband again. I've gotten out of some good habits!

I'm off to walk my rascal dog...after I indulge in a snuggle with her. She's so darn cute this morning!

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