Tuesday, September 1, 2009

¡Yo soy!

I'm really beginning to see a trend with the soy, now that I'm more aware of a possible allergy connected to it. Early this morning I decided to eat breakfast. I fried two eggs in olive oil and had that with a piece of homemade organic whole wheat bread. Didn't have any problems with that at all and continued to go on with my day's work. A little while ago I had a craving for turkey chili from Trader Joes, with a slice of Monterey Jack cheese on it. Within 3o minutes, the achiness and lethargy are back.

I'm going to have to make everything from scratch, because soy is so pervasive in our American foods. I've been reading up on soy allergies. According to one website, it seems to be a rare thing for an adult to develop. But at another website, they state that more and more adults find they are allergic to soy, and that soy is now included in 60% of what we eat. On yet another website I read the following statement:
Adult development of a soy allergy can be caused by overexposure during stressful periods in your life.

They claim it happens to women, especially during menopause. I definitely think I qualify.

Later today, after my daily requisite nap, I think I'll go through the pantry, fridge and freezers and sort out the products that contain soy. The boys can have that stuff. Once we've cleared the house of those products, as well as the rest of the illicit foods that remain (and there will be whining and tears when those all go), hopefully we'll see a overall improvement in everyone. Both my sons have rashes all over their arms and backs. It was something I experienced when I was young as well and we never found the cause of it.

I'm not going to be popular for quite some time.

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