Sunday, September 27, 2009

How does one determine/develop/apply personal style?

I've gone a little deeper into the first chapter of Staging Your Comeback and it's bringing up anger in me. I'm experiencing a lot of anxiety in my chest, resentment, deep sadness...tears are on the brink. This is definitely something I need to work through before I can move forward with other issues.

I realized just a few moments ago that I don't have a vision of what my life will be like on the other side of recovering from health issues, divorce issues and losing weight. I don't see myself past all this current turmoil. I don't see myself. I think about what my days look like now, lots of household chores, busy work, raising sons, dousing minor dramas at my parents' house. None of that feeds my soul. I'm not emotionally, spiritually or creatively nourished by it. It doesn't help me move forward. I feel very mired by it all. I still don't know where I'm going. How will I know when I've arrived?

What does all that have to do with my appearance? I have no idea what to wear every day! I'd like to dress for me, but I don't know who I am? I thought about it in terms of my daily first thing in the morning, I put on exercise gear. Then later I change into housekeeping and errand-running clothes. How do I interject a sense of personal style into that lifestyle? Why would I bother applying cosmetics and hair product for that?

There's a section in the book about determining one's personal style. I'll keep you posted...

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