Thursday, September 10, 2009

NSV of the week

(In the weight-loss forum universe, an NSV is a non-scale victory.)

Over a year ago I bought myself a pair of boots. They were specifically made for those with really wide calves. At the time, my calves were 19.5" in circumfrence. Most boot shafts come in 13" to 14" circumfrences. Maybe...someday...but not yet.

So, I'm looking at my closet to decide what to wear to my parents' 50th anniversary party at a local Greek restaurant on Sunday. I've been saving this one dress, a wrap-style dress with a pretty Pucci-like geometric print in purple, cream and black. My stomach used to protrude a little too unattractively in the center front and the sleeves, while stretchy, were on the snug side. I tried the dress on last night. My stomach is not so noticable any longer, and the sleeves are actually loose!

Because of the discoloration of my skin on my lower legs, I don't wear short dresses any longer. It's why I bought the boots last year. This dress would look great if I wore the boots with it. So I put on the whole ensemble last night, and the boots are now way too loose! In fact, they're downright floppy! I need to have the shafts reduced in size by at least 1.5".

(I can't find anyone locally who will do this for me, so I might need to do it myself on my sewing machine. I need to go get a set of leather needles and some leather glue. But that's not going to happen before Sunday evening, so I ordered another pair of boots from Zappos just now.)

I waited a few hours before deciding to eat breakfast this morning, drank a lot of water, and right now, I'm feeling pretty good. Energy is higher than yesterday, I'm getting some housework done, and I'm about to do some upper body resistance training again.

I think tomorrow will be the day I officially start Pilates at home. I let my mother borrow my DVD, but she says it's too hard for her to do, so she gave it back to me. I'm going to move the furniture in the morning, throw a mat down and do my 35 minutes warm-up to Gaiam's AM Stretch DVD, and then the Pilates DVD.

Someone is coming by this afternoon to buy some of my Medifast stock. So I'll get some money back for it, which will pay for my younger son's birthday. He's turning 12 next week. Yesterday, I conned him into attending a taekwando class. He was really resistant, and when I pulled up to the studio, he snapped on his sulk-face really fast. I dragged him in, we chatted with the owner/instructor and I think we both got a really good feeling about the guy. So my son agreed to try the first free class. By the end of the hour, he made new friends and he actually picked up the moves pretty quickly. He even admitted to liking it!

I'm so glad he agreed to commit to taekwando for the remainder of the school year. Without a strong, positive male roll model around, he was foundering for direction. As is evident by my writing here, the Discipline crayon was not included in my Crayola life-skills set. But my little boy somehow got a dose of it. In him I see a natural ability to organize and maintain his life. We want to nurture that, because other people seem to appreciate that quality, although it confounds and escapes me and my older son, aka The Free-Thinking Artists Club.

I have been good about taking my meds everyday for over a week now! That's progress, right?

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