Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Biggest L...

I just watched Biggest Loser for the first time. I'll never get those two hours back. What a monumental waste of my time!

That's all the time I need to spend on that topic.

Today was a good day, a recovery day. Got the grocery shopping done, household chores, I walked, baked bread, shuttled kids. For dinner I cooked turkey cutlets simmered in a Thai curry sauce with coconut milk and Thai seasonings and layered cauliflower and baby carrots on top. Served that with brown and wild rice. Yum!

I went rather high with the calories today, around 2300. Carbs and fats were higher than normal due to some Trader Joe's naan I had with hummus for lunch. And the coconut milk. But I so rarely have the coconut milk, like once every six months. Sometimes I just have a really strong craving for it.

I like drinking 4 oz of unsweetened grapefruit juice just before I eat these days. I noticed it helps pop my blood sugar back up so that when I do eat, I don't overeat if I let myself get too hungry before the meal. A 2 oz shot is good in between meals as well, if I don't make a point of eating in a timely fashion.

I need to get to bed now. I noticed a bad habit of pushing myself well past my bedtime when I'm feeling good. Need to stop doing that!

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