Monday, August 17, 2009

The Medifast is working...kinda, sorta

I'm done eating for the evening. I haven't been strict with the Medifast for the last few days because of the lethargy. Eating extra food seems to give me a little more energy. I don't want to be fully back on Medifast until I get the all clear with my doctor.

While I haven't lost weight on the program, I have been able to cut back my calories. Previous to Medifast, I didn't feel satiety until I had eaten 2100 calories. As of tonight, I'm experiencing satiety at 1600 calories. So I see the Medifast experiment as a success.

I still have product in my pantry, with another package with a one month supply arriving soon. I'll continue to use it. My kids love the bars, I do like the eggs scrambled with vegetables, and their Pomegranate Cherry and Dark Chocolate shakes are delicious! I think I can put together some interesting recipes with my leftover puddings. The chili would make a nice, quick snack. But the cream of chicken soup is terrible! Blech!

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