Monday, August 31, 2009

...and, we're back

312 lbs. this morning...and I don't know why.

Plus I woke up again with a lot of energy, feeling quite alert, after only six hours of sleep.

I did more reading yesterday about troubleshooting a food allergy. I decided that it was too expensive to buy even more food when my fridge is already full of healthy choices. Instead I'm opting to go on a water fast.

I found a series of online videos about dealing with food allergies. Quite interesting. So I'm starting my water fast today. I'm not doing this without having had any previous experience, but it has been many years since I did one, and that was only for 24 hours. This time I'm shooting for around a week. We'll see how long I can last.

I'm planning to keep my activity level on the low side. All my water will be filtered. I'll be dry brushing my skin daily to aid with the detoxing. And when needed, I'll be napping. At minimum, I plan to do it for a week as it takes about three to four days to get over the initial detoxing. After that, I'll do it for as long as I can stand it, but not longer than a month. I actually don't really expect to make it a week, or even the three to four days. We'll see. If I'm blogging and I start to sound incoherent, let me know!

I'll be writing a lot during the fasting, mostly in my journal. I find that fasting creates a lot of angst and brings up a lot of issues for me. Maybe it's because of all the extra time not dealing with cooking and eating. Even as I'm writing this, I'm starting to feel a little gnawing in my stomach and I believe that's because I've just decided to do this. And I'm already angry with my mother...maybe I wake up angry with her every day!


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that you intend to consume only water for at least a week, but no more than a month?

Principessa said...

Yes, that is my intent, but the reality is that I may only do it for a 24-hour period. I've done that before, many times. And I know of people who have gone on water fasts who were just fine. It's a well-documented practice.