Sunday, August 30, 2009

Food allergy?

I think I must have a food allergy. This moring I woke up feeling just as good as I did yesterday. I was excited! I had plans for the day! The boys wanted to go to IHOP for breakfast, so I agreed because I knew what to order. I had a glass of grapefruit juice and an egg white spinach omelet. I drank water with that. The meal also came with hash brown potatoes and I ate about a tablespoon of that. By the time I paid the bill, I was ready for a nap. Even now, less than 20 minutes after the meal ended, I am desperate to sleep. The only other thing I had this morning was a cup of coffee at home with a packet of Splenda.

I'm looking at doing the Elimination Diet for a month. Because I've been reading that high carbs cause sleepiness, and I didn't have a ton of carbs. Only about 30 gm. and under 400 calories. Maybe I'm allergic to eggs. Or Splenda, although I didn't get sleepy until after the breakfast.

So, if I can stay awake for a little bit, I'm working on my shopping list, then cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer and then shopping accordingly. I think the boys are going on this diet as well, but I won't tell them!

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