Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Medifast is NOT working any more

I went to my doctor yesterday. I had a lovely drive to San Francisco. I actually left early so I could enjoy the drive and not be stressed. I got to UCSF Medical in plenty of time. I sat in the car and did some yogic breathing techniques. I sauntered over to the doctor's office. I waited for a total of 30 seconds for my appointment and they let me right in to see her. The nurse took my blood pressure...171/88.


I got scolded for not taking my bp meds for the past year. I have lost a total 0ne pound since I last came in (a year ago). I have to get my blood drained next week, a week after I get back on my bp med (today). She's running a panel of thyroid tests on me.

I got back in my car and drove home, a little upset and very hungry. I had eaten a serving of chili con carne for breakfast, and then had a McDonald's double cheeseburger and a bottle of water on the way to the appointment. In my emotional state, I wanted to splurge and stopped at Jack-in-the-Box for an Ultimate Cheeseburger, small fries, small Coke and a serving of their churros. Damn, they were good! After I got home, two hours later, I had a grilled chicken breast, with the skin, then went to a parent meeting at the high school. I made the choice to buy a lot of veggies at the market before going home, because I decided I was just going to get back on the horse and eat sensibly again. I drank more water after I got home.

After consuming 2600 calories yesterday, this morning my scale showed a loss of two pounds. Eating does seem to have a thermic effect. The less I eat, the less inclined my body is to losing weight. I can't call yesterday's eating a binge, because I didn't eat until I was uncomfortable, and I did wait until I was hungry. So, I won't be lamenting my choices yesterday, or the ones I make today, or tomorrow. Choices are merely that, choices.

So now I've got several hundred dollars worth of Medifast boxes sitting in my pantry. I'll use them, over time. My kids already like the bars, so those are going in their lunches. I actually like the eggs, so that's a lower fat option for my morning egg scrambles. I love some of the shakes, and the rest I can doctor so that I can drink them when I just want to fill myself up and get back to work. They do help me manage my caloric intake.

I hope that my doctor and I can find a way to help me lose weight. I don't want to be unhealthy, because I have a lot of life to live.


Anne said...

I've never lost weight on lower calories (which I believe MediFast is). If I eat more, I move around more, I lose more. If I eat less, I move around less... and don't usually lose weight.

I hope that you and your doctor can find something that works for you.

Barb said...

First off...(((BIG HUG)))! I know this has been a challenging time for you. I have total faith in you! You can do this! You want it! You need to find out what works for and commit to it. I'll admit that I'm a little glad to hear that you are going back to sensible eating instead of trying to stick to Medifast. Obviously everyone is different, but as you know, I've lost over 100 pounds in the past year by counting my calories and exercising. I have stuck with 1,800 calories per day and I do lot of cardio and strength training. Of course I've been stuck for the past couple months, but I believe that's a combination of my body adjusting and me not being totally perfect with food. I'm ready to bust through this.

I'm here cheering you on 110%!!!!