Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cheat days are bad!

I was doing so well. Then we left for a weekend trip to Yosemite and I decided I would order what I wanted and just not overeat. It doesn't matter, restaurant food, no matter how little I eat, bloats me and makes me feel so bad! A cheat meal is not worth the moments of enjoyment, and now I have ground to retake, three pounds. My hands are swollen, and I just feel yucky!


Lynne said...

you are doing remarkably well with only the occasional cheat day. I am still addicted to bacon and eggs at least once a week more likely twice. I thought I was doing okay because I've kept the weight off but a recent photo compared to one right after GM shows my neck is swollen. Now part of that might have been the hives due to poor eating choices but if I want to make it to 50...

Have you heard about onions as a blood sugar level reducer? I always wondered why I craved them sometimes. Cheers and have a great day! Lynne

Principessa said...

Hey Lynne! Yes, I have heard of onions magical blood sugar properties. I have often wondered about some of my cravings and how they may have been influenced by deficiencies. I remember once, when I was on one of those Oprah-induced liquid fast, I had lost 40 lbs. and hadn't eaten anything real for weeks, and I was craving avocados in the worst way! At the time, I hated avocados, but I was craving fats and that was the only thing around that day, so I ate a whole one. I've loved avocados ever since.

I do fall off my health wagon a lot. I love bacon and eggs too! I'm allergic to nitrates and nitrites, so I get the uncured turkey bacon at Trader Joes. It's still salty, so I don't eat more than a couple of slices once a week. I have eggs nearly every day, but I don't worry too much about that because I don't have cholestrol problems, surprisingly.

I lost the three pounds I had gained, again, so I'm back on track, I hope!