Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sometimes, KFC is the lesser of two evils

It would have been better if I had just driven myself to KFC to get what I really wanted, a two-piece meal. Then the eating would be done! Instead, I decided to make a salad. And I also had two small baked potatoes with butter. And then a single whole wheat tortilla with pepper jack cheese. And then I just wanted more melted cheese. Oh, and I forgot the whole wheat mini bagel with cream cheese. And a tin of sardines (water packed) with 2 slices of Wasa light rye.

That's 1375 calories in two hours! If I'd gone with the KFC option, I'd have eaten 300 calories less, and I'd be done with eating. So now, I just feel satiated and guilty.

I really wanted the KFC. I was mad, stressed, avoiding work, lonely. I wanted to eat, watch TV and check out. There's no diet that addresses that situation. And that's the situation I need to remedy.

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