Thursday, June 11, 2009

Either I need to be cloned or I should get a personal assistant

I do not feel like exercising these days. I have too, too much to do. I write out an exercise schedule, and then I promptly ignor it. I don't understand why. I do like to exercise, especially the weight training and bouncing on my Fitball. But for the last few weeks, those things are nothing more than decorator items in the living room.

If I would just add one thing, one activity to the daily routine, that I can easily slip would have to be the Fitball bouncing. I can do that everyday while I'm watching TV.

(What? She's still watching TV and yet claims to be "too, too" busy?) Yes, I still watch TV, because everyday, I need a mindless activity. You might think exercise would be a mindless activity, but for someone with ADD, it's not! I still grind through a lot of stuff with my brain, even, especially, when I'm exercising. I don't know why. TV helps me shut it off for awhile.

I'm succeeding at keeping the calories below 2000 everyday. Stuck at 315lb. this morning. I tried not eating until noon, but then made up for the calories since then. I guess my body really wants the 2000 calories. I was still hungry at 9 p.m., so I had a soup of chicken broth with turkey meatballs and zucchini.

I'm getting to sleep okay now. Three nights in a row of eight hours of sleep. Must keep this up!

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