Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, yesterday was an interesting day with regards to my food choices. I had decided to do a little meal replacement with a whey isolate beverage up until late afternoon, but still have regular food later in the day when I seemed to desire to eat the most. I wasn't 100% on that plan, since I did eat food throughout the day, but I did manage to include some of the beverage in the morning instead of food. And that really helped!

Lately I've been between 2100 to 2500 calories a day. But including the beverage and eliminating some food at breakfast, I was able to keep calories under 2000. Normally, because of my food choices, my fat intake averaged around 100 gm. But yesterday I only ate 69 gm of fat. I've tried to reduce it to 65 gm or less. Today I'm sure I'll do better.

Where I usually succeed on a daily basis is with carbohydrate intake. I'm almost always under 200 gm. For someone my age, height and frame, I'm led to believe I should take in between 270 and 300 gm of carbs. I choose to keep it under 200 due to managing insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. I've been succeeding at that.

Protein is another area where I tend to overeat. It is recommended that I eat between 75 and 100 gm of protein daily, but I'm usually over 100 gm. And my protein sources usually come with added fats, which is where the problem really exists. Yesterday my protein was at 154, still on the high side, but because the whey isolate beverage had no fat and very, very low carb, it really helped me manage the extra fats.

Yesterday, for breakfast, I had a cup of miso soup with tofu, on serving of whey isolate beverage, a hard boiled egg and then I caved into cravings and had a couple slices of low-sodium turkey breast deli meat. I drank plenty of liquids as well. This kept me going until lunch, where I had whole wheat angel hair pasta with ground turkey marinara and spinach salad. I snacked on a hard boiled egg in the afternoon. A little later, around dinner time, I started to lose my resolve, but I did manage to first have more spinach, grilled zucchini, a potato (mashed, with a little olive oil and garlic) and some boiled greens before I resorted to a mini whole-wheat bagel with lots of cream cheese and some tortilla chips. And I ended with sugar-free Jello. I felt satisfied, not stuffed, and I quit eating well before 8 p.m.

This morning I was back down to 314 lb. Yeah!

Today, I hope to reproduce my success. I'm not hungry yet this morning, so I don't really feel like eating anything right now. Once I do get hungry, I'll have the whey beverage again, as well as the miso soup and an egg. My boys want chili for dinner tonight, so I need to plan ahead and just go for a double serving of the whey beverage for lunch. Most of the afternoon will be spent at the spa today, getting a well deserved massage. I'll be so relaxed I'll effortlessly breeze past the KFC on my way home! And since I anticipate feeling hungry before dinner, I can have veggie snacks ready (cucumbers and baby carrots) for while I'm cooking.

I'll let you know how it goes...

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