Saturday, June 6, 2009

Morning musings

I weighed myself this morning, down one whole pound to 319. Then I went to the bathroom about 30 minutes later, and so I weighed myself again...back up to 320! WTF!?

What the scale tells me is pretty meaningless. I know how I ate yesterday, under 2000 calories, not enough water, too much sodium. When I track what I ate, it's helpful. I can stop myself from going over my caloric limit for the day, and I can pace myself more effectively throughout the day.

I don't know if I should eat breakfast today. I'm not feeling hungry this morning. I really only want some coffee. I don't want to eat until I feel actual hunger.

My family is coming over for lunch this afternoon. I've planned a healthy menu...grilled citrus-marinated Cornish game hens, roasted garnet yams with crème fraîche, brown rice pilaf, spanakopita (but a lower-fat version), marinated French green beans and a nice salad. Watermelon and cherries for dessert. And a large pitcher of iced pomegranate green tea.

There will be 10 at my house today, and I don't have enough seats in the living room, so I plan to sit on my Fitball and bounce some while we're chatting. It will annoy my mother...simple pleasures in life that I look for each day.

Later we're walking to the park with all the kids to fly kites. It's a really nice day today.

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