Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is not a drill!

I'm in training now, like one of those emergency preparedness training exercises. I need to train my brain not to want KFC, or pizza, or burgers when I'm stressed. I've been better and better about not going to food in general, but these are tough times for me, and I'm feeling my resolve slipping away at times.

I wish that, instead of wanting fatty, salty, crunchy/chewing foods when I'm stressed (or any food, for that matter), well, I wish I'd choose to exercise instead. In order to succeed with that, I have to be completely aware of myself, when I feel the stress, when I feel the cravings to check out with food coming on, and I need to be able to short circuit the cravings and instead choose some form of exercise that I can take on, anywhere, to work through the stress.

I know that for me, weight training pumps endorphins into me within 15 minutes of starting a work out. And I like how I experience an increase in inner strength when I do it. So I resolve to mindfully choose to do weight training in stressful moments, and when I feel the call of the Colonel too.

Like right now...a box of eight piece extra crispy with biscuits just sounds so good. Because yesterday was a hard day (told the kids about the divorce) and my mother is behaving like a pirana feeding on my stress over my marital situation, and I have to write a paper about Homer vs. Herodotus and the Trojan War for my Myth and Literature course and I really would rather just go shopping for art work for my new perhaps I should go lift weights for 20 minutes? (Like now! I can actually smell biscuits in my nose!)

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