Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What the h...‽

So I just weighed in after my strange binge last night (I haven't done something like that in years) and oddly enough, I didn't gain an ounce!

This is the time when I kick myself...if I hadn't overeaten last night, I would have shown a loss this morning. The late afternoons and evenings are when I am most likely to overeat and make poor food choices. I really wonder why that is.

So, no more analysis. It's time to move on from here. I'm actually going to do a little pennance today. I was thinking back to my Optifast days last night, when I was full of regret, and decided to go with several servings of a protein isolate drink during the day, and a balanced dinner at night. I'm going to see how long I can do that.

I'm really desperate to lose some serious pounds this summer.

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