Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surprising post-party weight loss

I had a very busy day yesterday, having family over for a late luncheon. I thought I didn't eat much, having only had a single meals all day, and then some light snacking in the evening. But this morning I decided to record everything that I ate. It's amazing how a single meal and light snacking can add up to just under 2000 calories!

Still, when I weighed in this morning, I was down to 317. So that was a delightful surprise.

To be fair, I spent nearly the entire day on my feet with cleaning and cooking and managing the meal service. I finally got to sit during the meal, and then after everyone left. After lunch, I got some exercise in sitting on my Fitball and bouncing...about an hour, until my mother gave me the stink-eye!

Today, it's post-party clean-up. There were some leftovers, so I'll have some grilled game hen at lunch. I was a little hungry when I got up this morning, and the spanokopita that was left was calling my name...I had three pieces! Fortunately, the fat content on that is low, and I made the filling with artichoke hearts, fennel, leek and spinach (plus egg and feta, and the phyllo pastry). That should hold me for awhile. Later, I plan to eat watermelon.

Tonight we're going to see Star Trek. I don't want to eat at the theater. It always gets me into trouble. I love movie hot dogs with mustard!

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