Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Make the plan, work the plan

I was just chatting with a lovely group of women, part of my support and accountability possee. We were all lamenting how we were all suffering from those moment on the lips, life time on the hips days when we slip off the path to wellness. We all agreed, planning was a key part of staying with the program and getting back up again.

A key thing for me to work into my plans is having a strong vision and goal in my head. And one of my dreams has been to learn to sail, possibly build or restore a boat and sail it 'round the world. Now, I have no idea if I'm going to enjoy the activity. I've been sailing once, almost 30 years ago, in a little tiny thing, and I loved it. I was 19 and that Christopher Cross song "Sailing" was on the old romantic dream to which I still cling. But now I've got a plan as well as a vision.

First, I ordered a model's going to be my visual motivation. I'm going to put it in my living room where I can see it everyday. It'll remind me that I want to get into shape in order to be able to work on a boat.

Second, I joined a local sailing club. It's in San Francisco, and they have sailing lessons out in SF Bay all the time. I'll be going out on the water with my sons soon, to see if its something we really want to do. If we green-light the idea, we're going to take lessons!

Third, I'm planning a trip to Greece for a skippered sailing trip around the islands, hopefully for my 50th birthday. And perhaps some hot young captain and crew with which to flirt. I won't tell them I can speak Greek right away...

So if all that works out, I can look at aquiring a boat. For that, I've got to save money, which is something I can do now. And I need to learn more about woodworking, which I can also do now through the local community college. Eventually I can take some boat building classes as well.

And the vision is solidifying in my head...I can see myself out on the water having a lovely time, I can see myself sleeping and working on my boat...what a great place to write a book or a play!

Now, that looks like a good plan to me!

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