Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hump Day blues

On the Medifast website, they say that the first week is the worst, and once you get past days three to five, it's all downhill from there.

I fell of the wagon last night. Apparently I picked up a few things when I got back on this morning.

My first mistake was having my L&G meal at lunch. I'm a evening-eater. If I start eating solid food at noon, it'll only be added to the solid food I'll want to eat in the evening. And the desire to eat is still strong (since I wasn't past Days 3 - 5).

I made pie. I wasn't planning to eat more, but I was going to make a pie for my sons. An innocent apple pie, with apples from my tree, lower fat pastry, not too much organic sugar, and some dried cranberries. There isn't even any ice cream in the house! I ate almost 25% of the pie. I pinched off one little piece of crust, then another, then cut a wedge, and then another. According to the calorie-counting website, I had 822 calories in my homemade apple pie.

So previous to the pie, I had almost 800 calories up to that point for the day. After I ate the pie, I was still wanting some protein, so I had a little turkey breast. In total, I ate just under 2000 calories for the day. So, why did I gain back four pounds as of this morning?

These are the tough moments for me, when my body seems to resist my efforts and then takes back ground at the first moment. Is my body determined to never weigh less than 300 lb? Well, I'm more determined than ever!!! I am getting back on this Medifast and not waivering until I'm down to 285, my next 10% marker, and then we're going to maintain that for another few months, until I don't gain weight from eating 2000 calories.

And I have got to buy myself another rowing machine, ASAP! (The ex has my other one and I'm not getting it back...but that's a whole other blog topic!)

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Anne said...

A few thoughts on MediFast. You're mainly taking in liquids (high in protein), and that will mean you have less solid food in your system throughout the day. Your pie and extra stuff is likely still in your system (is that TMI?). Drink lots of water and don't worry about it.

I admit I don't know much about the MediFast system, but does it do any adjustments based on your starting weight? I really, seriously, don't trust systems that feed you the same amount of food if you're 200 pounds or 300 pounds.

Anyway, good luck at getting back on the wagon!