Sunday, July 19, 2009

Medifast starts tomorrow!!!

My first Medifast order arrived on Friday afternoon...I'm actually excited to get started! I've been preparing all week, getting well hydrated, cutting back calories. I quit coffee last week and have had headaches every morning, but today's headached didn't start till later in the day, so there's progress, I think. The pantry is clean, the fridge is tidy and full of lean meats and lots of non-starchy veggies. I'm set!

I'm also nervous about this. I absolutely MUST lose weight. I have to get down below 200 lb in the next three years so I can qualify for affordable health care. Getting divorced is going to leave me high and dry without insurance if I stay at this weight. I have to get in to see my doctor ASAP in order to get my annual check up and see if I can get a new CPAP machine before the divorce is final. But I also want to lose enough weight so that I no longer have to be prescribed blood pressure medication.

Along with my daily Medifast foods, I get to eat one "lean and green" meal (lean protein and three servings of non-starchy veggies). I've decided to supplement throughout the day with celery, which I've read (on the Internet, so it's true!) has excellent properties for reducing blood pressure. I don't mind going over the Medifast caloric guidelines, as long as I'm not popping over with all the wrong foods.

So tonight is my last meal before the fast begins. All week I've been cutting calories and drinking lots of water so that I've already lost almost all the weight I put on from the sins of last weekend. I've already planned my dinner. The boys want to go to Applebee's (not thrilled with that choice) but they do have Weight Watcher friendly choices, including a 4 oz. steak with portobello mushrooms and steamed veggies. So, there is a 4 oz. steak to be had out there in the restaurant world!

I'm probably going to be a little rabid on the blog for the next two weeks. I'm told that's the most difficult time with MF. I may need to write my way through some difficult cravings. I'm already having a huge craving for gooey cinnamon rolls with pecans, and I can't even recall the last time I had one of those...maybe three years ago.

PS) My friend Lynne recently left a little nugget, a comment in a recent post, and I have to say, it was an awesome idea! She said that when she's got a craving for a reuben sandwich, she ditches the bread and rolls the meat in fillo, sprays it with something like Pam and bakes until golden. I tried it...YUM!!! Thanks Lynne!

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