Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Will I last the week?

According to the Medifast site, this hunger will go away once I get into a serious fat-burning zone, in about three to five days. I definitely went to bed hungry last night, and my stomach talked to me well into the night, keeping me up till around 3:30 a.m. And I had 1270 calories! I was rewarded with a 1.5 lbs loss this morning, which I know will be more water and perhaps just a little fat.

I had my first celery stick in the morning after my mid-morning shake and marveled at how fresh and delightful it tasted. What a beautiful vegetable! But after my third stick, they started to lose their shine. Still, I'm about to get my second shake for the day and the celery is sounding good again.

Last night my dinner included half an avocado with my salad, a sliced beet, and lots of greens. I'm eating way more than my 3 1/2-cup servings of veggies. And I had three slices of turkey breast. I poached it in this new broth that I found at the market, which was a Thai curry flavored chicken broth. It was delicious! I threw some asparagus on top of the turkey when it was poaching. I got over 30 gm of fiber in yesterday!

I definitely don't like the Medifast for Diabetes Vanilla shake. I'm going to see if I can doctor it with some instant coffee and extra ice. Like a Frapuccino!

My Yahoo horoscope says: "Underestimating yourself is silly - be honest! You're more than capable of this!" Okay...*sigh*...I'll keep going.

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