Monday, October 5, 2009

That dang omentum!

I put on the dress that I bought at Macy's over the weekend. I sill love it! But I have one problem with it. It's my sticks out in front!

The omentum is a webby membrane that runs across the front of the belly area to hold in the intestines. As Dr. Oz loves to show and tell, a healthy omentum is all lacy and pretty, a creamy yellow color, and it doesn't take too much space. But an unhealthy omentum, it's as bad as having unhealthy smoker's lungs. It's a dark golden color, lumpy and massive, and it squishes and crowds the organs.

The omentum grows excessively when one has a lot a stress. It's why stressed middle-agers have lots of belly fat. My omentum is lumped all in front. When I weighed 50lbs heavier, it was rather firm and obvious. People thought I was pregnant. It still sticks out (which doesn't make for a flattering silhouette at all!), but it's not as pronounced and it's much softer now. I want to get rid of that lump altogether and transform my omentum into something which Dr. Oz would be proud.

I've been scouring the Internet (my favorite hobby) for information on how to address my obtrusive omentum and this is what I've discovered: when one makes an effort to lose weight, the omentum is one of the areas that loses fat first. It won't reduce entirely before everything else, but it does go reduce at a higher rate than the rest of the body. That explains why a lot of my clothes got looser through the middle first before anything else.

Another thing I learned is that no amount of crunches, sit-ups or core exercises will reduce the omentum. But intense cardio will. It seems to be the area where fat required for aerobic exercise comes first. A healthy liver is important as well, and there are nutrients to help support the liver.

To prevent future additions to my omentum, I have to learn how to manage stress much better, because that's a huge contributor. I also need to continue to manage my carbohydrates because an unhealthy omentum just loves sucking up insulin and makes my pancreas work too hard. I'll keep taking Ceylon cinnamon capsules and eating whole grains and low carb fiber sources.

And until that omentum drops down to a shapely form, I'll be wearing my Spanks to manage the jiggles.

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