Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still struggling with overeating

1800. That's my goal caloric intake. That's what I will need to eat to maintain my goal of 170 lbs. That's the caloric intake I'm trying to maintain now. It's really, really difficult for me. I seem to do fine during the day, until late afternoon through bedtime, when I make up for the difference between what I want to weigh and what I weigh now. That caloric intake is 2500.

If I could maintain the 1800 calories, I could lose 1.5 lb a week. I'd be so happy with that rate of weight loss.

I've been eating around 600 calories per meal, three meals a day, and trying to not eat after dinner. But what really happens...three meals a day, a couple of snacks in the late afternoon. It doesn't matter that they're really healthy foods, because calories are calories.

I've tried having smaller meals. I get really hungry if I eat less than 500 calories! And then I'm even hungrier later in the day! Atleast with the Medifast, I hit a groove with the really low calories and after a week on it I was fine with 1200 calories a day. Perhaps I should just go back to making my own meal replacement shakes. I have three jars of whey protein powder. If I have three 400 calorie meals a day and then have three 200 calorie shakes between meals, maybe that'll help.

So that's what I'll do this week. I still have several boxes of the Medifast eggs, which are soy-free.

Breakfast: Eggs, veggies, steel cut oats - 430 calories

Mid-morning snack: Chocolate banana shake - 200 calories

Lunch: Tossed greens salad, sardines packed in olive oil, whole grain toast - 480 calories

Mid-afternoon snack: Mango-peach shake - 200 calories

Dinner: fillet of sole, Kashi whole grain pilaf, broccoli - 420 calories

That puts me near target for calories. It's a little higher than I want for carbs, but the fiber is at 38 gm, which is great! Maybe that will help me feel full.

I'll try to stick to this format for meal plan the rest of the week. We leave on Monday for a trip to San Diego. I have to plan ahead for that trip too!

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I hope your new plan helps you succeed. I didn't count calories on my journey, but probably ate around 1500.

Good luck!