Thursday, October 1, 2009


I love how I feel on successfully soy-free days! I got a lot done this morning in the house. It's lunchtime now and I'm not sure what I want to eat yet, but I know I'm starting to feel hungry, so it's a good time to make a wise choice. I think I'm going to try some Hoodia today. I want to see how it affect how much I eat. It's supposed to suppress appetite, but if that's only about hunger, this may not work...we'll see. I'll start with a single capsule, 250 mg, at the start of each meal. There's no soy in this product.

I found a probiotic product that was soy free. It comes in capsule form and I'm ordering it from Amazon. The one I've been taking has really made a positive difference with my digestive tract. I'm much more regular and I seem to be doing better with dairy products. I'm looking forward to experiencing other benefits from this sort of product, but the one I've been taking for the last month has soy in it.

I backed off taking supplements for awhile. I'm not sure I believe in them. but since my diet is so restricted in content, I'm inclined to start taking them again. I've got a big bin of supplements that are all current for use. I think I'll start with the Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack. It's definitely soy free.

I've been taking SamE and l-tyrosine every morning on an empty stomach for the last month and I believe I'm seeing a benefit to that. My mood is much improved and fairly even. My joints are starting to feel better. And since I'm on diuretic and bp meds, it's supposed to help with liver health. I'm also taking l-tyrosine with that, to help with depression and mental fatigue. I'm considering taking 5-HTP for help with mood as well as appetite suppression, but I'll take it at night as it may make me sleepy.

It's 1 p.m and I'm a little hungry, but I'm also sleepy. I'm feeling or nap. I think I'll nap!

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