Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting wired for joy

I've been at the Solution Method retreat for just one day and it feels like a week has gone by...I've done that much work! Today is Day 2, and I'm both excited and dreading it. What will I learn today?

Yesterday I attended a class that explained the method. It's a way to retrain the brain to stop going to old, ill-conceived solutions to emotional events that keep one mired in a loop of pain. With this method, we learn to evaluate all the emotions experienced in the moment, to go ahead and feel them, talk ourselves through the pain to find what is at the heart of the matter. We discover our realistic expectation, filter out the unrealistic ones and then decide what to do about it. It's a method that will bring us to joy, real genuine joy. It helps create opportunities for true, adult, mature intimacy on many levels, without feeling trapped by a relationship.

Last night I got a little ahead of myself and tried to work through all my pain surrounding my divorce...I guess that was a little too ambitious of me. I'm not that good with nurturing myself yet, and I got trapped in a downward spiral of emotions. I had to call my girlfriend to help me see the big picture, the humor in my ambition to move on past the divorce in one night. It's so good to have a grounded friend!

Today we talk about how when we're freed from all the energy spent grinding through emotional pain, how to redirect that energy into passion and creativity. I'm really looking forward to that.

If you want to learn more about The Wired for Joy work, you can read about it at The Solution Method website.

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