Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stupid, STUPID HIDDEN SOY!!!!!!!

Those exclamation marks in the title of today's post are about all I the energy I can muster. My soy sensitivity has been engaged and I'm pretty worthless for the rest of the day. I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

I had a can of tuna, labeled "yellow fin tuna in olive oil", so I bought it and thought it was safe. But the back of the label says the tuna was processed with soy, so I'm screwed! Six cans of tuna that my sons are going to get. Back on the prowl for soy-free tuna.

I was feeling so good this morning! Got so much done! Was looking forward to Pilates! I guess I'm fasting with only water till this all goes away. I'm sure to see a gain in the morning. Grrrrrrrr!


safire said...

:( My sister is allergic to soy too in large quantities!

Georgia said...

I really wish the potential allergens were more prominently featured on labeling. With soy so pervasive in processed food, even minimally processed food, why can't they just tell us it's there!

Safire, I feel for your sister. I'm happy to report that seven hours after eating the tuna, I'm starting to feel better. I found a YouTube video showing cleansing Yogic postures and I've been trying them for the last couple of hours. I'll share the link on my list.