Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Experiments with hunger

It's not an evil thing, you know...getting hungry. Bad things won't happen to me if I get hungry. I can easily keep from eating on the front end of the meal, easily not eat for 15- 18 hours at a time. But the backside of a meal, that's the tough one for me. If I can become the queen of not eating after my meal...

That's what I'm working on tonight. I went to Pilates this morning, then had a private session with Lori-the-wonder-coach. We talked about some stuff, how I do my diet/exercise research for comfort instead of getting outside to actually exercise. Yes...this is true. Time open the garage door and get back on the treadmill everyday. I was worried about getting hungrier. With more exercise comes more appetite. And snacking after dinner is an old habit. OLD habit. I don't plan for it. It just happens.

So tonight I'm planning for it not to happen. I already ate. Had my 1500 calories of lean protein, appropriate carbs and healthy fats earlier today. I'm currently in the process of drinking the rest of my water throughout the rest of the evening. I have some herbal teas with cinnamon ready for prime snacking hours. Picked up my herbal concoction from Sheri's for getting sleepy and going to bed by 11. Got my new Phillips Wake-up Light plugged in and set for 7 a.m. And after that I'll be getting on the treadmill.

(I'm saying that publicly because around 7:20 a.m I expect Sheri to call me to make sure I'm getting my shoes on and getting the garage door open. And Sheri, you have to give me a chance to get to the bathroom first and then throw some clothes on!)

So the experiments with hunger will continue. I've been reading that it's a mind game, to get past the hunger. Feel the hunger, wait 20 minutes and it'll go away. We'll see...


screaming fatgirl said...

For me, I try to plan around my habits. That is, if I know I need to snack at a particular time (for me, it's mid-afternoon around 3:00-5:00 pm), I map out the calories for that.

That being said, I also believe that it's important for people to learn to put up with hunger, because I think it's a psychological muscle that has atrophied due to modern living. However, I think that waiting to eat a meal isn't the same as fasting in this regard. I wouldn't recommend waiting hours and hours to eat because that can mightily mess up your metabolism. It was one of the many ways I put on a ton of weight in high school (no eating until I got home from school then eating a lot). Of course, it may work differently for you than it did for me. All of our body's work differently.

For me, the hardest part is never being really full. Eating to "satiety" is different than feeling "full". For both psychological and biological reasons, about once a week, I simply have to allow myself to have a meal at which I eat to the state of feeling full. I think many people feel that giving in to that is self-sabotage, but I think it's merely allowing for a reasonable release valve for a person who is, for all intents and purposes, slowly starving themselves over a long period of time from the body's point of view.

Good luck!

Georgia said...

It seems that satiety and fullness are issues for even thin people. I've been talking about this with friends of all ages and sizes. The only ones who are comfortable with eating only to satiety seem to be completely bored with food. Everyone overeats at times!

I'm trying to find the joy of feeling empty. I've heard some people enjoy the feeling. I'm exploring the possibility that I might find something I enjoy about it too. So far, I'm not feeling it! Maybe the first step is just getting comfortable with it.