Monday, March 28, 2011

I love this man!

Really, I have a HUGE crush on Alton Brown! Have for years. He's smart, he's creative, he's nerdy and so funny! And he loves food! What more would a girl want? I love his new eating style, healthy and balanced, simple, and not afraid of good food!

Check this out!


Princess Dieter said...

It might seem weird to many, but I find him hot, too! :)

Thanks for stopping by Once Upon a Diet. that blog is inactive now (I just post links to the new blog I moved to in September when I got my mojo going to REALLY lose and wanted to be super goal-oriented). It's called 2 years to Happy Weight After and it's at

I have a tab under the new blog header that says PHAT PILATES and has updated pics of me doing Pilates at smaller weights. I still have a ways to go , though.

Got home 30 mins ago from Pilates, too. We used the Reformer and tower with mat. I find the Reformer and Cadillac great fun. My fave pieces of equipment. I like doing matwork the least. :P

Happy Pilates-ing!

Georgia said...

Thanks for the redirect on your blog. I've listed it in my favorite blogs list. I am loving your pictures! So inspiring! I'd love to try the Pilates on the equipment, but I'm curious about how it changes the game. Does it just make it easier to do?

Princess Dieter said...

Well, all the equipment is adjustable to one's strength and abilities, so they do make it challenging. But because I'm an apple with a big belly (lots smaller than it was as you could see), the equipment makes modification of positions EASIER for fat folks. With boxes and blocks and whatnot, it simply is easier to adjust for my belly than stuff done on a mat. Generally, getting on the mat is only to use the Fitness ball or to work with the chair (ie, on my back or side on the mat while my legs are doing something on the chair).

I hope you get to experience it. If not, you can always get something like a Malibu Pilates chair to do chair stuff at home. At home, I have the chair, fitness circle, toning balls, a mat, and resistance bands I can use on weeks when I want more workouts or my trainer is on vacation. It's just different.

But for me, equipment ups the fun factor....(once I got over the intimidation factor).