Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday breakfast...

This morning, I woke up to the smell of Trader Joe's chocolate croissants baking in the oven. I forgot I bought one of those boxes. My oldest, Quinn, decided to bake them for his girlfriend Crystal, who spent the night with us.

I was not planning to have one, so I avoided making direct eye-contact with them. Got a shower, weighed in (317), got the younger son Rhyan engaged in getting ready for taekwondo training, went to get my purse, came back to the kitchen to discover Rhyan ate half of the remaining croissant plus all the chocolate out of the middle! He'd already had a whole one! I chased him out to go brush his teeth and then the croissant and I had words...okay, I ate the equivalent of a quarter of the roll, then I tossed the rest into the trash. It was a struggle to do that, but I did it.

So I took Rhyan to taekwondo. Quinn and Crystal left for the day. It's just me and the dog. And I was genuinely hungry. Time to make the wise choice, the breakfast I really wanted: 2 cups organic baby spinach, sauteed in a little olive oil, 2 oz. cherry-smoked salmon (from The Market at Crush), 1 organic free-range Cadia egg (from Sheri's Sonshine Nutrition) and 3/4 cup free-range organic egg whites from Trader Joe's. Oh, and a big cup of Starbuck's Guatemala Antigua with half and half.

413 calories, 22 g fat, 10 g carbs, 7 g fiber, 41 g protein 

(No, that's not including the 1/4 chocolate croissant. For the moment, I'm going to pretend that never happened. But I'm still going to record it on my calorie tracker.)

Chloe want...but Mommy ate it all! I went a little high on protein for a single meal, but I've been doing more weight training and I'm feeling quite sore this morning.

Okay, Chloe. Let's go for a walk!

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