Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyday is an opportunity to start again

Okay, I think I'm over my funk from yesterday. I had a good night's sleep. I've had my four glasses of water and big cup of coffee for the morning. (Yes, I know I said I was going to give it up, but I just don't want to!)(It's my only 'vice', and as vices go, I'm not abusing it.) I took all my morning vitamins and supplements. I'm ready to get back on the wagon.

I think all those supplements are like a meal. I just have to go buy one more and my collection is complete. I take the following supplements, mostly to support my pancreas and for diabetes management:

Renew Life's Digest More - a digestive enzyme blend to help my pancreas do it's job processing carbohydrates
A probiotic - to help restore the flora in my system after years of antibiotics to battle chronic bronchitis
A porcine thyroid supplement - because I'm hypothyroid but not low enough for the doctor to prescribe meds, even though I have all the symptoms
A kelp capsule - for iodine, to support the thyroid, and because I'm soy-intolerant
Probeta - an herbal capsule to help restore pancreatic cells
Cranberry capsule - because I don't want to have another UTI, and it's a more effective diuretic that doesn't dump potassium like prescription diuretics do.
A baby asprin - to protect my heart
Ceylon cinnamon capsules - to help manage blood sugar levels
Sheri's liquid vitamins - to get all my micronutrients
Resveratrol juice - so I can live forever! And look so damn good in the process!

See, that's practically a whole meal! But I'm still kinda hungry now, so I gotta go eat.

I still have to get some cayenne pepper capsules. That's supposed to rev my engine up and get metabolism fired for the day, amongst other things.

No Pilates this morning...Rhyan has to go to the dentist. I'll be on the treadmill again later today. And I have a Pilates DVD we're going to do this afternoon.

It's raining this morning. My dog Chloe is not getting a walk, so she's taken her frustrations out on the Kleenex box. There's tissue all over my living room!


Buy Vega said...

I agree with you. Everyday is an opportunity to start. Be motivated to achieve what you want.

Natural thyroid said...

The standard treatment for hypothyroidism is the administration of a synthetically hormone called thyroxin or levothyroxin that should bring things back to normal.

Georgia said...

Natural...I do know what the treatment for thyroid is, but my thyroid tests have never shown my thyroid numbers to be low enough to indicate to them that I need a prescription. I've always been low-normal. So since I have a long list of symptoms that strongly identify with hypothyroid, I take the NutriMed porcine thyroid and a kelp capsule. And I quit eating anything with soy. It seems to have helped me.