Friday, April 15, 2011

When I haven't been here for a few days, you know I'm struggling

A week ago, I was in such a good mood, positive, hopeful, full of myself. 24-hours later, I was kicking myself for making a poor choice, and I've been struggling with it all week.

We went to San Jose for an overnight trip. We spent the night at a hotel with a restaurant. (I like room service coffee in the mornings.) I had made plans to eat right, and at dinner I had a simple salad and was happy with that. For breakfast, we went down for the buffet. Pastries, cereal, breakfast meats, Denver scramble and potatoes...not what I was hoping for. I really only wanted an egg white scramble with spinach and some coffee. Should have ordered the room service breakfast and gotten exactly what I wanted...

Something in the choices I made for breakfast (the Denver scramble, bacon and andouille sausage) must have had some serious soy in it. I'm thinking it was the sausage, because those can have soy fillers. I should have known better...I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!! Inside of 20 minutes, lethargy swept over me, a huge headache and I felt like I was suddenly an arthritic old woman. Somehow I managed to get the kids to the museum and we walked around all day. I drank a lot of water the rest of the day. I struggled to stay awake on the drive home and I fed myself pumpkin seeds for a little energy all the way home. By the next morning, I had gained five pounds. I have been suffering from lethargy and achiness all week.

This morning, I'm still quite lethargic. I woke up feeling fine, but once I ate breakfast, I felt the lethargic slump set in again. I bought a brand of "cage-free" eggs that I hadn't tried before, since the ones I usually eat weren't available. I think those chickens must have been given feed with soy.

Have only been able to drop two of the five pounds this week. Haven't exercised much all week. Haven't eaten much all week, but I was back on track with nutrients and supplements. Hoping I'll be back in the swing over the weekend.

I'm dressed for Pilates starts in 35 minutes. I really just want to go back to bed, but I'm hoping that once I get to class and get moving, I'll start feeling better. Last time I went to class was Monday. The stretching was beneficial while I was doing it. I don't know...I'm just not feeling it this morning...maybe this afternoon I'll go out for a walk.


safire said...

I hate feeling that slump after eating food that your body reacts badly to! I hope the exercise makes you feel better. Have fun at pilates!

Georgia said...

Thanks for the support, Safire. I ended up missing class, but I'm making up for it with weights and the treadmill at home today. I'm determined to be productive, so I just paid the taxes and my office will be clean in a few hours. So much paperwork!

Anonymous said...

I know you have it in you to hit the reset and kick heiney - go Georgia!