Friday, April 8, 2011

Am I on a roll?

The scale and I are friends again. Weighed in at 310 lbs this morning. Yippeeeee!

I think Fridays are good weigh-in days for posting weight progression. It's before the weekend, so I'll be encouraged to stay on track all weekend. I think that it's good to stay on track and not have "cheat meals" or "cheat days" at this time. I don't feel the need to be self-indulgent at this time. Or rather, my self-indulgence now includes healthier indulgences rather than poor ones. I'll still weigh in during the week, just to see how my efforts during the week are paying off. I soooooooooo want to crack the 300s this month! I really want it!!!! I think I may just be able to achieve it!

Took my smart-ass to Pilates this morning. Fridays is our break down class, where a few specific exercises are broken down until we get it right. I believe my abs and my smart-ass are going to be aching all weekend!

I'm cutting calories a bit more, but only just a bit, because I can! I'm still keeping caloric intake above 1400, and I'm cycling the caloric cut through the week. Not doing it every day. Lori said it best in class today: Eat like a king at breakfast and like a pauper at dinner.

This week's nutrition challenge involves eating three balanced meals and one to two snacks, plus not eating anything after dinner. That last part is going to be so tough! I caved and had a coconut macaroon last night. A single one, small, but still, I didn't earn a star on the chart because of it. We'll see how the weekend goes. The challenge will be to not overeat as well as make the right choices.

We're going on an overnight trip to San Jose and visiting the Tech Museum. I should pack some appropriate foods for the trip, as well as plan for meals out. We'll eat dinner out, breakfast at the hotel and lunch across the street from the museum. So I should pack the healthy snacks and beverages I'll need for in between. The hotel restaurant does an omelet bar on the weekends, so I can ask for my egg white veggie omelet and even have a little cheese with it. Maybe I'll pack along a slice of my bread to be toasted. Across the street from the museum is a burger joint that does turkey burgers wrapped in lettuce, plus salads. If I eat a good lunch before we leave the house, then I can keep dinner small at any restaurant we go to, with just salad and perhaps a grilled salmon portion. No alcohol, shakes, sodas.

We're bringing the dog, so I'll have to take her out for walks a few times. I'm going to bring my laptop and the beginning Pilates DVD, or maybe I'll use the hotel gym.

I'm feeling on top of this now!!!!!

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safire said...

I love your positive attitude! Enjoy your mini-vacation!!