Monday, April 18, 2011

The new routine

(I'm still tweaking the plan.)

Over the weekend I tried something new. It's called Intermittent Fasting. I know, I know...everybody's been talking about eating five to six times a day...yada, yada. I just don't do well like that! I'm in the kitchen too much. I have to stop what I'm doing to go find something to eat. And it means there are five-six opportunities for me to overeat.

So, there are a couple methods for IF, but I'll only explain the one I'm doing. And I won't explain the science, other than it's supposed to somehow help blood sugar levels be better regulated. And that's important to me. I'm choosing to do this because on days when I have been too busy to eat during the day and only ate after three, I didn't eat so much, I had a lot of energy during the day, and I lost weight.

IF a la Georgia, goes something like this: I don't eat anything until after 12 p.m. I stop eating by 8 p.m. My first meal is around 20% of total calories, and more protein. The second meal is around 50% of total calories with balanced nutrients, and the third meal is around 30% of total calories with extra carbs from more fibrous sources.

I'm going to try this for a week. First two days went well. I could tolerate not eating till noon. I had a cup of coffee with cream, under 50 calories. Didn't really get blood sugar up with that. Didn't struggle much with eating after 8 p.m. either. Kept to my calorie allotment as well.

I don't know the science behind why this works for some people. At this point, I don't care! I'm tired of doing research. I just want to eat a healthy diet and exercise because it makes me feel good. And I don't want my weight loss to be the all-encompassing focus of my life any more. I want to actually have a balanced life!

As for exercise...I haven't been to Pilates for a week! I don't like that, but I'm finally feeling free from the soy-intolerance for the first time in over a week and I'm feeling pretty good. I think I really want to concentrate on cardio today. I'll get back to Pilates, soon. I just need to get out and walk on my own for a bit.

M W F - A.M. power walking, P.M. weights
T Th - A.M. HIIT, P.M. Pilates
S Su - Fun activities, gentle walks

My youngest and his friend have the week off from school, so today, we're going bowling!

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safire said...

I've heard things about IF! I look forward to hearing more about it and see how it works for you :)