Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reset button pushed, heiney kicked...that's enough with the pity party!

The last time I was in a soy funk, what got me out of it was just fasting for a day or two, and avoiding breakfast this morning already has me feeling better. Sticking with hot beverages and water today. And moving my body.

(I gave up on myself yesterday evening and definitely overate - by 1000 calories! Showed a gain of five pounds again this morning...318. Damn it! I will NOT be popping up over 320 again! I am so angry that I popped over 315 again! That was my new high limit, and I will be back under it again by Monday morning!!!)

I have a lot to do today. My bedroom imploded on me over the last few weeks while I had bronchitis, actually, since my dad passed in February. It's time to get that under control. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, because it's also my office. I wish I could change that. I have a gorgeous teak computer armoire in storage that I want to have refinished and moved to my living room. That's where I'll be moving the office to later this year. But in the meantime, papers need to be filed, books put back in their place, and boxes of stuff moved out to garage storage. I'm going to stay busy today!

Last night I was led to an article on the NY Times about the dangers of sitting at a desk too long. I'm rethinking my work schedule as a result of reading the article. I'm setting a timer for myself, so I don't sit still for too long. Gotta get the kids moving too!

So that's enough time on the computer today!

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safire said...

I've read that same article! I need to tell my boyfriend not to sit too long during the day.

Good luck with everything. I find cleaning my environment helps de-clutter my personal emotions too.