Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend indulences

Both my sons have been sick all weekend. Why must they always get sick when I have a chore list for them! Instead I had to do all the laundry by myself, and clean the kitchen, after cooking various cold-busting home remedies. I also had serious cramps and felt exhausted part of the's all a recipe for self-indulgence!

I didn't go off-track too badly. No exercise over the weekend, but there was a lot of trotting back and forth with heavy baskets of laundry. Does that count for interval training? I did drink all my water every day. I stayed on track with diet, with regards to content. Quantity...different story! I overate during a few meals, and last night I kept snacking, not because I was hungry, but because I was looking for something to satiate my sweet/fat tooth. I wanted comforting and don't really know how to do that for myself very well. I eventually caved and made myself some coconut flan. About 450 calories later, I finally settled down to go to sleep.

I don't know what to do with those cravings. I actually knew what I wanted much earlier in the evening, but tried to ignore it. Made different choices, like having an orange, a bit of cheese, hot tea. I wasn't even hungry when I finally got to the flan. But it didn't seem to matter. I don't have these sorts of cravings normally, or rather, I haven't in quite some time. I wasn't feeling emotionally edgy. In fact, I felt pretty good for having accomplished so much.

There are two more servings of the flan in the refrigerator. My kids won't eat them. I don't feel any desire to eat them either. Maybe I'm back on track. Despite my dip into the flan, and the occasions of overeating, I lost two pounds over the weekend. Hmmmm.

Gosh darn it! Look at the time! 9:22! Pilates started seven minutes ago! I swear, when I get on this computer, I get sucked into a wormhole and lose all track of time! Okay, I'll get on the treadmill for an hour plus pump some weights and do a little Pilates on my own in the living room. Not the same as getting coached, but a good start to my day nevertheless. And another star by my name on the 10-week challenge chart!

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