Monday, February 7, 2011

Finally, a smaller size!

I've been off Pilates for the last week. My father passed away on Tuesday, so I've been busy with funeral and familial concerns. Most of that is done now, except for my Mom, who seems to still need me everyday, even more than before. I'm spending nights at her house, for now. Not getting a good night's sleep. Her little guest bed is so hard! I'm going to Target in a little bit to buy a foam pad and new sheets. Maybe tonight will be a little more comfortable.

So, anyway, I had to go shopping for some clothes appropriate to wear to a funeral. Everything that I own that's black requires bling, a good cleavage-making bra and a cocktail in hand. Not what I wanted to wear at 9 a.m. on a cold February morning to a graveside service. So I headed over to The Avenue on Thursday and found myself buying a size 26 pair of slacks. I've been a size 28 to 32 since my oldest son was born, nearly 19 years ago. I actually got my glasses out to make sure I was right about the slacks. They even fit me just a little loosely. That was such a wonderful feeling!

Buying a top was a very different story. I've been a 26/28 due to the size of my upper arms and the padding around back. But this time, the tops fit nicely through the back. The upper arms were looser around the armscye, but no different through the bicep. And that was because the flesh is now drooping because some of the fat layers are gone. Despite all this lovely progress, I still had to buy the 26/28 top, because I now have lovely, prominent shoulders that are actually filling in the tops.

Not getting on the scale till Wednesday, when the 50-day challenge starts at The Pilates Place. We're getting measured and my body fat percentage is going to be determined. In the meantime, I'm going to stay on track with the reduction in calories. I'm holding my own at 1660 calories. It seems to be the magic number at which I am able to lose weight.

I got back to Pilates this morning. It felt great. I can tell the difference between the two kinds of achiness I experience. Aches due to not moving my body depress me. Alternately, aches due to a good workout make me feel proud. I love how achy my quads are feeling right now. I did some great bridge work today, plus I got back into the full planks and side planks. I really want to conquer those back planks. I fear those will only happen after the weight has dropped off my trunk substantially. My arms just aren't strong enough to support the rest of my body. I wish there were exercises to tighten up the skin. Lori and I are going to work on that this week!

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