Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's 3 AM...the 10-week challenge starts today

I'm kinda nervous...never have done anything like this before. We're earning stickers with every achievement (oh, and of course, getting fitter). I don't tend to stick with things, but to date, other than the consistent body aches from exercising so much, that Lori-the-wonder-trainer hasn't steered me wrong. I'll post my stats here later. Maybe my picture too. Then we'll see where the challenge takes me...

I really hope that my body is ready to attack that visceral fat in my belly! Dr. Oz says my waist measurement is supposed to be half my height or less. That's 36". When I suck in my stomach, my waist measurement is 48". When I tighten my abs and then push my fingers into them, there's not a lot of subcutaneous fat over the top of my abs. It's all inside, deep down. The tough, stubborn fat layers between my abs and organs. I am really well marbled! I noticed this week that my belly apron is hanging down a little lower than usual. That means I'm finally deflating a bit through the midsection. FINALLY! The minute my waist measurement hits 36". I'm going to consult a plastic surgeon about having a tummy tuck! And my kimono arms too!

So I'm reading that visceral fat melts away with simple exercise like walking, plus eating polyunsaturated fats. Sources for that are vegetable oils like corn, soy and safflower oils, plus fatty fish and nuts. Since watching the documentary King Corn, I've been staying away from the corn oil. Avoiding the soy due to the allergy. I mostly used olive oil, which is high in monosaturated fat, but I do have a bottle of the organic safflower oil that I haven't really been using. I guess I need to dress more salads with that. Other sources I'm getting my polyunsaturated fats from are the Vital Choice wild caught sardines in olive oil and wild caught salmon, at least twice a week. I could get back to eating nuts like macadamia and pecan. I have been eating some halvah on occasion, which is made from ground up sesame seeds (also a good source). It's the one sweet I like to have once a week.

Something funny I noticed yesterday...I did my taxes and filed electronically. It's the first time I've done my taxes in 31 years. And the first time I've done them with alimony as my main income. Didn't realize I was supposed to pay my taxes quarterly. So by April 18, I'm supposed to come up with federal and state taxes for 2010, plus my first quarter taxes for 2011. That's a lot of money! I don't have a regular job! I only have two web design clients! And I only recently finished paying off the cost of my divorce, so I have no savings. My credit cards are all going to get involved in paying the government this year. And I started to cut out certain indulgences, as of yesterday. Merry Maids, cable TV, bass guitar lessons for my son, Netflix, GoWearFit account, and the best thing to go...the IRS helped me kick my family's habit of eating out. I'm not even going to get a coffee at Starbucks until all the bills are paid! So, I'm grateful to the IRS for helping me with this!

Not letting go of the Pilates classes. NOT HAPPENING!!!

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