Tuesday, November 3, 2009

At peace with the food and moving forward

Today, I'm feeling what I think is a healthy disapproval of my body. I still feel good about myself as a person, I feel centered and I also feel attractive. I recognize that I'm not doing everything that I can to be losing weight, and I feel a renewed sense of urgency to shed more weight...not the typical frustrations and lament that the statement "I'm so fat" brings with it.

I can see now and accept that I've been very subtly sabotaging my progress because I wasn't entirely ready to move forward. I am a stubborn woman. I do not want any part of my weight loss journey to be for anyone but me, for the purest reasons. I think I've sufficiently gotten over enough of my divorce/relationship/expectations demons to move on.

I am soooooooooo over fast food! And soooooooo over emotional eating! Is it possible that I've made my peace with food?

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screaming fatgirl said...

Your response to fast food has been mine as well on the rare occasions that I've indulged in it. Even before I was taking care about what I eat, I didn't care for fast food. I loved the smell of McDonald's fries, but then I'd try them and it was pretty unpleasant. The taste was always a letdown.

I see my relationship with food as a spiral. I make peace with it, then I have problems, then I make peace again. The spiral is like a seashell in that it gets wider and wider and I have longer periods of time where I'm at peace. Right now, I feel pretty good, but I have to expect to be "at war" again at some point in time and have to fight urges and hunger with greater effort and tenacity.

As always, good luck!