Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back on track

After a nearly two week break, this morning I went for a 40 minute walk with my husband (up some lovely hills, so I wasn't moving that fast), and then stopped at my gym for a full body weight training workout. I did some circuit training, working several sets of weights and then walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes in between sets.

Before I left the house, I made myself an energy shake with some almond milk, just so my body would have something to use while I was exercising. After I got home, I sauteed some mushrooms and spinach and then poached a couple of eggs for breakfast.

I still want to eat, but I'm not sure if I'm hungry. I want to be genuinely hungry for lunch, so I'm going to ignor this feeling. It's been an hour since I ate breakfast, and I ate nearly 400 calories over the course of the morning, so I don't believe I should be hungry. Maybe I'm just thirsty. However, since the weight training, I'm feeling very sleepy. From what I've read, if that's happening, then I didn't have enough protein since working out. So I'm going to have to find a source of really low fat protein.

I'm glad I'm back on track. I needed a break from the intense focus, and I'll make sure to give myself a rest from the training every three months, but I can make it for a shorter period of time, and I can allow for an occasional splurge with my family.

Ok, I've let some time lapse while I'm writing here (and watching
The Incredible Hulk on SciFi Channel) and the hunger has passed, finally. One more hour and I can have lunch!

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