Friday, December 5, 2008

Self-assessment at the spa

I have arrived! I'm on the backside of day three, back at Green Mountain Spa at Fox Run in Ludlow, VT. It's gorgeous here! There's snow on the ground, but the skies are blue today, with some light cloud cover, cold but still perfect.

I've been working out for the last couple of days, taking classes or on my own, and eating the delicious and healthy meals that chef John and Lisa have prepared for us. Today, while on the treadmill, I started thinking about how I was feeling in my body last year, and comparing it to how I feel in it now. There's quite a difference.

  • I'm down 45 lbs.
  • When I arrived last time, I was just having to buy size 30 pants. Now my size 26 pants are loose in the seat and thighs.
  • I was quite winded after 45 minutes on the treadmill, on the weight loss program, level 1. Today I breezed through level 3 of the same program.
  • It was a real struggle for me to climb the stairs to my bedroom back then. I can pop right up the stairs now with barely having to catch my breath at the top.
  • Because of my size, I required extra portions of protein with every meal a year ago. I'm doing fine with just an extra portion of protein at lunch now, and the hypoglycemic feeling just before meals is greatly reduced.
  • I can pump a lot more weight during weight training now.
  • I can keep up with a whole Zumba class!
  • I can jog/walk two miles!

Measuring successes is a really valuable tool to keeping focused and motivated with moving forward.

Next week I'm having a personalized training session with Lynn Anne. I'm a little worried that she's going to really raise the bar on my fitness levels, because I know that I don't really like to exercise under uncomfortable conditions. But I'm anxious to have her show me what it is that I can really accomplish. I think I'm ready for the next level.

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