Thursday, November 13, 2008

Okay, did I blow it tonight?

I've been a little down about my lack of weight loss for the last two weeks. I actually added jogging (a big deal for me!), a little, every third day. I've been very busy and haven't eaten much. And I've been stressed, so I haven't slept much every night. Today I weighed in with a four-pound gain. What do I have to do???

The gas was off due to repairs, so I couldn't cook dinner tonight. We ordered pizza. The last time we ordered pizza, I only wanted a couple of slices. That's pretty good for me. But tonight, I ate an entire medium, thin-crust pizza. And I didn't even feel full afterwards! I have no idea what that was about. I was genuinely hungry.

I don't really feel too bad about it. I don't feel guilty. It's something I've never done before. I actually found it somewhat remarkable, to eat that much pizza and not feel over-full. I think I needed it. It was a very thin crust. There were a lot of veggies on it and not too much cheese. My dog ate the crusts. And that's all I ate. And I drank water with it.

I think I'm okay. Still, I don't want to weigh-in tomorrow.

I won't be exercising at all tomorrow. I have a dress to alter for an event I'm going to on Saturday night. The dress is WAY TOO LARGE. It was just a little big when I bought it, but I'm now having to take it in by two inches per side. Pretty cool!

I'm going to be wearing heels. I have experienced pain with heels, but I haven't worn them in some time. I think I'll wear the shoes all day tomorrow just to see if I can get used to them.

I might have time to use the rowing machine after I'm done with my dress. I plan to dance my ass off on Saturday night!

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